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Cookie foundry teaches you to pick delicious cookies

For the majority of food, biscuits are one of our daily snacks, and biscuits can not only solve the desires of mouth, but also hunger when hungry. Today, Fun Garden Food teaches you how to choose delicious and healthy. Cookies?

1, learn to see the ingredients on the packaging

Someone once told Xiaobian that when choosing cookies, pay special attention to the ordering of nutrients. In general, the more a certain ingredient is added, the higher the ranking. If a packet of biscuits is marked on the table: wheat flour, white sugar, vegetable oil, peanuts, black beans, almonds... This means that wheat flour is the most abundant, and black beans and almonds are added the least. The biscuits are generally based on fine white wheat flour, and the nutritional value is low. If other coarse grains, beans or vegetables are added to the ingredients, the nutritional value will be improved. However, such nutritional value is not enough to see advertisements. It is also necessary to pay attention to the ordering of the nutrient composition table. If the vegetable ingredients in a vegetable cake are arranged behind salt and other food additives, it means that it is added very little, and there is almost no nutrition. effect.


2, after all, related to fat

The previously mentioned attention to the ingredients on the packaging label, this is the habit of Xiaobian from the beginning of weight loss, in the face of those delicious and attractive snacks, especially wafers, as long as you see those amazing fat content you have to give up. Cookies generally have a high fat content, but choosing a variety with lower fat content is more beneficial to health. According to the function of fat, the fat content per 100 grams of biscuits should be less than 16%, but it is difficult to achieve except for a few sugar-free whole wheat cakes. To more intuitively understand the fat content of the biscuits, wrap the biscuits in a clean paper towel and compress them. After half an hour, observe how much grease has penetrated the paper towel. If a biscuit doesn't feel greasy and tastes a lot of oil, it means that the biscuit is highly saturated and not good for health.

3, vigilant invisible killer

In order to increase the crispiness of biscuits, it is usually necessary to add a large amount of oil. Common vegetable oils are better. Oils with higher saturated fatty acids such as butter and butter are the second. The bad ones are various vegetable creams and hydrogenated vegetable oils because they contain trans. fatty acid. Although they can make the biscuits taste crisper, they are not harmful to the body.

4, consider the cost, be careful about advertising

How many chocolates are there in chocolate biscuits? Is there really a strawberry in the strawberry sandwich biscuit? This is a problem that I know a little bit, although the use of additives in the prescribed dosage does not pose a health hazard, but a large amount of food containing additives. Not a wise choice. The “heart” in the sandwich biscuit is rarely added to raw materials such as juice or milk. In order to achieve the desired taste and color, it can only be blended with various flavors and pigments.

5, pay attention to the manufacturer

How to check whether the qualification of a biscuit manufacturer is up to standard, we can first understand the competitiveness of this brand's products in the market, and pay attention to the development of its own brand must have its own set of perfect production system and strict implementation standards. If you are a manufacturer you have never heard of, you can also take out your mobile phone to check the manufacturer's introduction, see if the strength of the manufacturer is large, or some small workshops.

Through the above content, do you have a certain understanding of the selection of biscuits? Fun Garden Food can process all kinds of biscuits, snack foods, etc. for each merchant. If you are interested in the processing of biscuits,Email:quyuanshipin@teah.net

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