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Dietary Fiber Biscuits

With the introduction of advanced production and quality management at home and abroad, now we can offter customer some kinds of funtional biscuit, such as dietary fiber biscuit with sugar and sugar-free dietary fiber biscuit, lipid-loweringing biscuit and so on.

Nutritious meal replacement biscuit

◆ 1. Meal replacement fiber biscuit: sugar-containing dietary fiber biscuit and sugar-free dietary fiber biscuit

[Meal replacement fiber biscuit]

◆ 2. Cereal meal replacement bar: Can be made food bar, nutrition bar, energy bar, cereal bar, meal replacement bar, fruit and vegetable fiber bar, dietary fiber bar, fruit bar and nut bar

[Cereal meal replacement bar]

Company strength

Guangdong Quyuan Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, with 23 years of baking food research and development, manufacturing, sales experience, has a mature production, quality management system, with 100000 class purification workshop GMP standards, two production base in China (guangdong, jiangsu), cookies, biscuits advanced production equipment and technology, establishing standard laboratory and testing equipment, to meet customer demands.Carry out ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO22000 food safety management system and HACCP food safety management system, carry out preventive food safety management activities, carry out key monitoring on key points that affect product quality in the processing process, actively take corrective and preventive measures, and ensure the safety of ex-factory products.

Guangdong Quyuan Food Co., Ltd.,

Company advantage

Production capacity advantage -- 2 large-scale production bases in China, an industrial park of 950 acres, a modernized GMP design standard of more than 80,000 square meters, advanced production equipment and mechanized assembly line operation.

Quality advantage -- quality and safety guarantee. With the introduction of advanced production and quality management at home and abroad, the company has passed QS certification, ISO9001 certification, ISO22000 certification and HACCP certification, and strictly controls every process.

Resource advantage -- 23 years of experience in product development and manufacturing.Advanced production workshop, sanitary, clean, 100 thousand class air purification filtration, ground with epoxy resin dust-proof.

Service advantage - two large warehouse storage and logistics distribution systems, logistics distribution fast, fast.

Company advantage

A-class customer cooperation experience: part of the company cooperation unit: white swan hotel, vanguard supermarket chain in China, shenzhen XinYiJia supermarket chain wal-mart supermarket chain, China, shenzhen, jiangsu suguo supermarket chain store supermarket chain, China metro supermarket chain, the trust-mart chain supermarkets, rt-mart supermarket chain, sichuan emblem food group, in the southern food group in guangxi, fujian green food group...

ODM,OEM process

Flexible cooperation mode: ODM, OEM, private brand distribution

1. ODM OEM process: customer demand -- formula selection -- trial production of small samples -- customer confirmation -- price determination -- contract signing -- production -- delivery

2. OEM process: select mature formula -- sample making according to production -- sample making -- customer confirmation -- price determination -- contract signing -- production -- delivery


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